Ranger Fuels


Road Ranger sells Top Tier Fuel at competitive prices every day. We also offer you more ways to lower your fuel cost with every fill-up.
  • Ranger Rewards can save you up to 5 cents per gallon of Ranger Fuel.
  • For our stations that have a Car Wash we offer a 20 cents per gallon fuel discount when you purchase a Car Wash.
  • Some stations offer a fuel discount when paying cash.
  • Combine your discounts and save more! For example you can save 25 cents per gallon when you pay with your Ranger Rewards Debit Card and purchase a Car Wash.
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Road Ranger strives to achieve accuracy in its online display of fuel pricing. Prices are updated at least daily and are current as of the date of last update. Prices shown are not guaranteed. Individual store prices can vary from time to time, from store to store, and from prices listed here. All sales will be made at the current posted street price at each Road Ranger location.

For additional information, please contact our Corporate Office at (815) 387-1700, or provide feedback on any one of our Road Ranger locations.